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10 Celebrities Who Have Suffered From Gout


Gout isn’t the most common ailment, but it is growing in those being diagnosed with it over the past ten years. It’s a form of arthritis resulting from a backup of uric acid within the bloodstream. It then becomes inflamed inside the joints, thus causing conditions such as gout. The illness can be considered “acute”, which is reported as a fairly painful form that only troubles one joint in the body. You have probably witnessed someone suffering from gout in the past with an oversized foot for example that is a perfect example of someone with the acute version.

Gout can also be diagnosed as a “chronic” illness; meaning the patient will have reoccurring episodes of the arthritic condition. The swelling doesn’t discriminate either, affecting a number of celebrities across the globe.

1. Jim Belushi

The famous comedian had his first gout episode in 1996, with a few to follow. He reports the condition is common in his family, and has made it a personal goal of his to spread the word with the public.

Belushi created a campaign for patient advocacy for gout entitled, “Check Out Your Gout” to help spread awareness.

Jim Belushi